Camping with Kangaroos |Crowdy Bay National Park

When I think of our road trip in Australia, the first thing coming to my mind is the kangaroos in Crowdy Bay National Park. We camped in the park for two nights and were surrounded by kangaroos all the time. They came so close and sat two meters in front of our tent, they even turned their backs on us. It was great!

Well, as you can probably imagine, I took tons of pictures of these funny, cute creatures. They usually are really friendly but don’t get too close, they can kick you! The red kangaroos in central Australia are even able to kill you. These ones were not that dangerous, fortunately 😄

Crowdy Bay-1Crowdy Bay-2Crowdy Bay-3Crowdy Bay-5Crowdy Bay-6Crowdy Bay-7Crowdy Bay-8Crowdy Bay-9Crowdy Bay-10Crowdy Bay-11Crowdy Bay-12Crowdy Bay-13Crowdy Bay-14Crowdy Bay-15Crowdy Bay-16Crowdy Bay-17

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures.

Have a great week!



Two Days In Happy Hippie Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a city in New South Wales, Australia. Even though it officially has only around 5000 inhabitants, there are so many people traveling to this little Paradise.
Today I will tell you why!

View from the viewpoint
View from the viewpoint

We arrived around eleven in the morning and were desperately looking for an affordable campground. To be honest, Byron Bay is not inexpensive, which is why we had to search for cheaper options, instead of paying 60$ for one night. Our first try was the so called „Arts Factory Lodge„, a budget accommodation with a hippie campground for tents in collaboration with Nomads Hostel. Unfortunately, they have a waiting list for the campground and in order to get on the list, you have to stay at least one night in the hostel. We would have loved to stay there, but we neither had the time, nor the money.


Anyway, we kept looking and eventually went to the „Belongil Fields“ campground and paid 80$ for two people for two nights on the unpowered site – still expensive in comparison to the camping fees in Australia’s national parks.
Yet we were very happy we decided to stay, since we met some cool Australian guys who took us to the city and spent the two days with us.

the beach
Surfboard hire for 18$ for 0,5 days

On our first day we went to the city and had a Salted Caramel Milkshake at a bar next to the vodaphone shop at Johnson St (sorry I forgot the name) – it was the best milkshake I have ever had! I would have preferred a plant based one to be honest, since I normally do not really like the taste of milk, though this one was just amazing!
Later we drove to the Beach next to the view point and spent our afternoon jumping into the waves and getting sunburned. For lunch we returned to the campground and Lina and I did (not) enjoy our canned beans based salad. Since we were running a bit out of money, we bought a lot of canned foods and beans and soups of all kinds. It was not as delicious as expected… Ironically, we spent a lot of money on food in Byron Bay 😀
We went back to the city around eight and hung out at the beach, watching the stars.



The next day we planned to go Surfing. I was so excited since it has been three months since I had surfed in Bali. Well, it was better than expected! I got lots of waves, even green ones! I was really happy, even though we rented a 7.6 softboard which is HUGE, since the waves are quite small and weak in comparison to Bali. I realized that I simply love surfing. I love to paddle as hard as I can in order to catch the wave, to jump up and balance in order to ride the wave as long as possible. I will miss surfing a lot!



In the evening we decided to go to the „Cape Byron Light“ Lighthouse which I have already mentioned in my last Byron Bay post. During sunset the lighthouse area is quite crowded, however I did my best to get some nice shots of this pretty building. We also did the lighthouse circuit/walk/whatever and went to the easternmost point of Australia, it was really beautiful.

Byron Bay at night

Anyway, we had dinner at Guzman&Gomez, a Mexican fast food restaurant and had burritos with a lot of Guacamole (I love everything with avocados in it). Additionally Lina and I had the best spiced french fries in our entire life!
On top of that, we went to an ice cream place called Baskin&Robbins“ and I got peanut butter and chocolate ice cream which was freaking delicious, probably the best ice cream I had during my travels.
I ended these exciting two days in hippie paradise watching the stars, I had a good time and Byron Bay is probably one of my favourite places in Australia!

Make sure you will check out Byron if you are planning a trip to beautiful Down Under!


Watching the Stars in Byron Bay, Australia

Hello from Sydney, Australia!

I am finally staying in a hostel that has free internet access so I am now able to upload something. The past few weeks have been amazing, though I am really sad that I have to go back home quite soon. However, I travelled the whole East Coast from Cairns to Sydney and experienced some amazing things and saw beautiful places as Byron Bay.


We rented a station wagon from Brisbane to Sydney and stayed on a campground in Byron, where we met some awesome Australian guys who showed us the town and spend two days with us. One night we drove up to the famous lighthouse and watched the sunset, which was really beautiful.
Next to the lighthouse there is a path that leads to the easternmost point of the mainland of Australia in Cape Byron.


This post is probably more about the pictures than the text, but to be honest, I think I am better at taking pictures than at writing.
However, I love how these pictures turned out, since some of them have that old camera look I really like. I had to turn up the ISO which created this look, it was just too dark for my lens out there!
I loved running around, watching the ocean and listening to all the animals around us.
It may sound very cliché but watching the ocean really calms me down and I could spend hours doing it. (I think I will miss this a lot when I am back home…)


Speaking of going home, I am still not quite sure what will happen to this blog after I have published all my travel posts, do not worry – I still have loads of things up my sleeve!
I will go to University in October and I do not get paid to travel so I will probably continue using this blog for photography and personal things, as well as for occasional travel posts. By the way, I have a “project“ going on which has something to do with the United States, but I do not want to go into detail, since nothing is fixed yet.
However, I guess I will just use this blog as my creative space, maybe also for writing and arts or even for university and book stuff. I like the idea of having a creative space where I can express myself. That is what blogs are for, right?


Even though it breaks my heart that my amazing journey is almost over, I am so excited for the upcoming months, I have so many plans, dreams and wishes and I also like the thought of spending some months with my family before I will move out.
Additionally, my friend and I are already planning our next Australia and New Zealand trip, we want to do the Great Ocean Road, visit Melbourne and do the Kiwi Experience in New Zealand.
I am sure I will write some additional posts about my other travel plans. I am simply obsessed with planning…


However, I hope you enjoyed these pictures, especially the last one. After we had returned from the lighthouse, I laid down next to our tent and watched the stars until one in the morning, it was so beautiful! To be honest, my camera managed to photograph even more stars than I actually saw which is so magical! I love to watch the stars, it is so thrilling to think about all the things we do not know about the universe…

Greetings from a happy Sophie!