Exploring Lisboa, three days in Portugal‘s capital #1

Blogpost contains unsponsored ads (Airlines, Hostels, Restaurants etc.). These are all my personal recommendations based on my experience in Lisbon, Portugal. I don’t get paid for mentioning any of these places.

LISBON. I fell in love with this beautiful city. In the end of October I booked a flight to Lisbon in the middle of the night. It was actually two in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. The past few months the urge to go travelling by myself again, grew a lot. And I knew that now was the time. So I booked a flight with Ryanair and a Hostel on Hostelworld. (I’ve already considered planting a tree or collecting waste, because I don’t really trust the airlines eco donation program, I still need to look that campaign up…)



By the end of November, the time had come and I went to the Luxemburg Airport and took a plane to wonderful LISBOA. The flight was on time, I only carried a small backpack and therefore didn’t have to wait for my luggage. The Metro station is located directly next to the Airport and getting to the city centre couldn’t be easier! I took two subways and within 30 minutes I found myself at the promenade of Lisbon. (I will publish another post about my hostel, public transport, expenses etc.)

Praça do Comércio, Lisbon’s main square.
Beautiful Trams everywhere!
Arco do Triunfo

I arrived at Cais do Sodré and walked down the promenade until I arrived at the Praça do Comércio. My first impression was „wow it looks even better than in all the pictures“ and my second one was „why are here so few people“. It was a Sunday afternoon in November. Definitely not the hot season but good for me, there weren’t as many tourists present, I can’t imagine how crowded the city must become during summer, even I’d love to visit Lisbon during the summer months.

I sat down at the shore, took a couple of breaths and enjoyed the smell of saltwater. I’ve really missed travelling!




After having passed the big Arco da Rua Augusta (also called Arco do Triunfo), I discovered the labyrinths of small streets in Lisbon. There are restaurants in the middle of the streets, just like the ones on the famous „La Rambla“ in Barcelona. To be honest, I wouldn’t eat there, I’m quite sure the food and drinks will cost you a lot more than usual. It was quite funny when I caught sight of a couple that took the same plane as I did, sitting in a restaurant in the middle of the street. I decided to walk to my hostel, instead of taking a bus. I feel like it’s so much easier to develop a sense of direction when you’re exploring places by foot. On my way to the hostel, which was located in the Bairro alto, I’ve already found the place where I wanted to have dinner and saw many little boutiques and shops. There are so many cute shops in this city where people sell handmade jewellery, fair trade soap, old books or vintage clothes. It’s definitely worth checking some of those out, just to get some inspiration. Personally, I enjoy looking at beautiful small gifts, boutiques etc. But I love to look at it as a whole, because even if I decided to buy something, it wouldn’t be as beautiful at my home, as at the store. You know. Conscious buying and minimalism. 😀

View from the Jardím de São Pedro de Alcântara
Elevador da Glória


Walking uphill, I spotted one of the three Elevadores, the trams that just go straight up and down one single hill (street). The one I saw is the Elevador da Glória and one ride costs 3,80€. Next to this small tram is the Jardím de São Pedro de Alcântara, which provides you with an amazing view of the city. When I was there, there were constructions going on, but it was still a very nice place.

One of the small shops I really loved, they had travel related books, soaps, art, everything!



After I checked in at my hostel, which was pretty easy to find by the way, I decided to go for an Asian dinner and had Salad, Tofu and Edamame at a restaurant called „Noods„. The Atmosphere was great, the food was delicious and they offer a big variety of Asian dishes and have vegan options. I don’t know why but I tend to eat a lot of Asian food when I’m travelling, no matter where I am…

Noods, Asian cuisine, great dishes, bowls etc.

After having enjoyed my dinner and a Portuguese beer, I realised that it was still too early to go back to the hostel and decided that I was going to look for a rooftop bar called „PARK“ which is located on top of a parking lot. I actually found the parking lot and went up the stairs till I reached the upper level. Alright, to be honest, the walk upstairs is a little cheeky, if I hadn’t known that there was actually a bar on top of the building, I wouldn’t have gone up there (is that a sentence?). But I was eager to see the bar so I took the stairs, ignored the weed smoking teenagers and well, it was definitely worth it! The bar has an urban flair, provides a great view on the city, is decorated with plants, has two DJs who are playing good music and has an indoor and an outdoor space. Unfortunately they closed at 8pm that Sunday, probably because it was off season, I am sure it’s different during summertime.


I really enjoyed my first day in Lisbon and after I’ve had a nice dinner and a drink at PARK, I went to bed, tired, but with a smile on my face.

Stay tuned for the next Lisbon posts! I am still not sure if I prefer the ‚travel-diary‘ kind of articles, or the ‚recommendation-must-see‘ ones. What do you prefer to read?

Have you ever been to Lisbon?


Red and Jack the Ripper in London, UK

One of my favourite things to do when I am travelling is going for a walk and exploring all the different streets and places.
I have to admit that I only support guided tours to a certain extent, since you are not able to explore the city on your own.

Jamie Oliver’s Diner! I wish I had the opportunity to eat out there!

But last year we took part in a Jack the Ripper Tour and it was amazing!
Our guide was very impressive, since he had a vast knowledge about history. Additionally, he used to be an actor.

This record store was just amazing!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the tour. We were able to see so many different and partly hidden streets, which made the tour a great experience.

The famous red busses.


Having wandered around, I discovered many interesting places, stores and pubs. I wish I were able to visit them all! My best discovery was a grunge/indie/alternative/vintage record store! I almost bought Nirvana’s „In Utero“ recorded on vinyl.
But I did not and I still regret it!

Telephone box twins.

When I am thinking about London, the first colour which comes to my mind is red.
Red busses, red telephone boxes, red mail boxes, red signs.
I like red, red is impressive and classy!

The streets. 

I hope you enjoyed this kind of „uninformative“ blogpost.
Stay tuned and have a wonderful and hopefully sunny week!



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Barcelona’s famous artworks – 72 Hours in Barcelona #2

Everyone who is interested in arts and architecture, should definitely visit Barcelona!
Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí are all amazing artists and had a tremendous impact on Barcelona’s tourist industry.
Today, I will be sharing with you my favourite places and museums in Barcelona, where you can take great photographs and enjoy creative artwork.

Casa Batlló and Casa Milà

First of all Antoni Gaudí the famous Spanish architect who was also a representative of the Modernisme Català.
He created two popular „mansions“ in Barcelona, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà.

Casa Batlló is situated near Placa Catalunya (which I already mentioned in my last post) and was built in 1877.
This house looks so magical and I would have loved see the inside of the house, but unfortunately the queue was too long and we did not have enough time to wait.

Casa Batlló

Gaudí finished Casa Milà in 1910 and created it for the Milà Family.
He even created a natural air conditioning system.
Additionally, the villa has a great roof terrace where you have the perfect view on the Sagrada Familia.


Casa Milà
Roof terrace of Casa Milà

La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a gigantic Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, also designed by Antoni Gaudí. The construction of the church began in 1882 and it is still not finished yet.
The guides told us that the construction is financed by donations and not by taxes.
Anyway, they plan on having completed the Sagrada Familia by 2026, the centenary of Antoni Gaudí’s death.
You should definitely go inside the church, since it is breathtaking and miraculous!

The Sagrada Familia – It will probably be finished in 2026


The inside of the Sagrada Familia

Park Güell

The construction of Park Güell by Gaudí commenced in 1910 and was finished four years later. Gaudí planned a great park with 60 different villas wich should have been purchased before the construction began.

The entrance of Park Güell
The famous Gecko by Gaudí – Park Güell


Nevertheless, his purposes failed, since nobody wanted to purchase the unfinished villas. Consequently, he was not able to finish the park and it now consists of three villas, instead of 60.


Anyway, I have never visited such a beautiful park before and if you want to visit Barcelona, you will not regret visiting Park Güell.

The big terrace in Park Güell


Picasso and Miró

As I am interested in arts in general, it was a pleasure for me to visit the Picasso and the Miró museum. The Picasso museum shows the artist’s work from 1895 to 1904 and it is very impressive to see the development of his artwork. I would highly recommend to buy tickets online, since you do not have to wait that long to get your tickets.
The Miró museum is located at the foot of Montju
ïc, it is devoted to modern artwork .

View on Barcelona from the Miró museum

Visiting Barcelona was an amazing experience for me and I can recommend it to anyone who is also interested in culture, arts and architecture!

Have a nice day and stay tuned!



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What to do in Indonesia

Indonesien liegt im Indischen Ozean unter Malaysia und ist mit seinen 17508 (!!!) Inseln der größte Inselstaat der Welt. Außerdem ist Indonesien der Staat mit der größten muslimischen Bevölkerung.

Mich zieht es nach Bali und Lombok, die Nachbarinseln von Java.
Dies sind wahrscheinlich mit die typischsten Ziele, jedoch ist das ganze Land mit einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis von 30 Tagen nur schwer zu erkunden.
Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich in ein paar Jahren nochmal einen längeren Aufenthalt planen kann, wo ich mir dann auch Sumatra und Java anschauen kann, vor allem weil ich Freunde und Bekannte in Bandung habe.

Heute möchte ich euch meine to do Liste zeigen, mit den primären Zielen auf meiner Reise nach Indonesien, bzw. auf Bali:

1. Surfen lernen

Wellenreiten ist mein absoluter Kindheitstraum! Ich habe zwar einen Windsurfschein, jedoch reicht mir das nicht und es fehlt etwas der Nervenkitzel… (was wahrscheinlich auch daran liegt, dass das Mittelmeer eher ruhig ist)
Deshalb habe ich mich für ein Surfcamp auf Bali entschieden, wo ich drei Wochen lang surfen lernen werde und gleichzeitig noch die Insel erkunden kann. Das Camp ist in Seminyak, nicht weit von Cangu entfernt.

2. Yoga

Ich liebe Yoga und praktiziere es leider viel zu selten! Jedoch reizt es mich total, in eines der tollen Yoga Studios auf Bali zu gehen und ein paar Yoga Sessions in freier Natur mitzumachen!

3. Vegan Food Guides schreiben

Ich bin seit 3 Jahren Vegetraierin (bis auf 3 Wochen wo ich meinte ich müsste jetzt mal wieder Fleisch ausprobieren und es im Endeffekt einfach nicht geklappt hat) und liebe vegane Küche!
Deshalb ist es mein Ziel, einen Vegan Food Guide während meiner Reise zu kreieren und so viele Vegan Spots mitzunehmen, wie es der Geldbeutel und die Laune zulassen!
Ein Restaurant, welches ich unbedingt besuchen möchte, ist das Peloton Supershop in Cangu:

lucetteromy-pelotonby @lucetteromy

4. Tempel und Reisfelder erkunden

Bali ist berühmt für seine sattgrünen Reisterrassen! Diese werden zum Teil noch in mühsamer Handarbeit an den Hängen der Berge angelegt uns sind meiner Meinung nach absolut sehenswert, wie auch der Rest der Insel. Ich möchte unbedingt auch den Norden und das Zentrum Balis erkunden, da sich das Tourismus Leben ja hauptsächlich im Süden Balis abspielt.


5. Roller fahren

Ich muss zugeben, ich bin noch nie Roller gefahren, da es mir in Deutschland schlichtweg zu gefährlich ist und ich dann doch lieber auf mein Gas betriebenes Cabrio zurückgreife. (Ich werde mich davon aber hoffentlich bald verabschieden können, immerhin schadet es meinem ökologischen Fußabdruck zusätzlich zur Fliegerei enorm!)
Nichtsdestotrotz würde ich zu gerne die Straßen Balis mit einem Roller erkunden- etwas klischeehaft, aber bestimmt toll!

6. Happy Hippie Canggu

Zu guter Letzt reizt mich das Hippie-Viertel Canggu sehr, da es so viele tolle Restaurants bieten soll und bekannt für seinen Hippie Flair ist!

Ich hoffe, Euch hat meine to do Liste gefallen!

Bis bald,

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Indonesia is located in the Indian Ocean and it is the world’s biggest insular state, since it consists of 17508 islands! Personally I have always been very interested in Indonesia, since I have friends in Bandung. 
Unfortunately, the residence permit is limited to 30 days only, consequently I am going to visit Bali and Lombok and hopefully will be able to travel to Indonesia again in a couple of years maybe.

Today I will be sharing with you my to do list for our Bali trip:

1. How to surf- Surfcamp in Seminyak

For as long as I can remember, surfing was one of my biggest dreams! I already have a windsurfing license but I guess it is not as thrilling as catching waves!
We’ve decided to do a three-week Surfcamp in Seminyak, which is not far from Cangu.

2. Doing Yoga

I really enjoy doing yoga, although I do not practice it on a regular basis. Nevertheless it really appeals to me to do some yoga in the nature!
(Sorry, this may sound a little happy hippie)

3. Creating vegan Food Guides and enjoying a plant based diet

I am vegetarian for three years now and I am a vegan food lover!
Therefore I would like to create a „Vegan Food Guide“ during my journey, in order to try as many vegan dishes as possible!
One of the restaurants I would love to visit is the Peloton Supershop in Cangu!

4. Exploring Temples and Bali’s rice terraces

Bali is very famous for its rice terraces! These are mostly handcrafted and I expect them to be very impressive!
Additionally I ponder over exploring the northern parts of Bali. However I am very afraid that we will be running out of time if we don’t set priorities…

5. Exploring the island on two wheels

I have to admit that I have never driven a scooter in Germany, since I think it is far to dangerous here. Though I would love to try exploring the island on a vintage scooter, although it is a little clichéd…

6. Canggu

Last but not least, I really like to visit the hippie quarter Canggu, since it is known for its great restaurants and the hippie flair!

I hope you enjoyed my little to do list, I’ll keep you updated!


Local Travelling – Geierlay

Ich möchte immer aus meiner Heimat weg, Reisen, die Welt erkunden. Sightseeing, neue Orte kennenlernen und Fotos machen.
Doch schätze ich viel zu wenig die schönen Ecken, welche es in meiner Umgebung gibt.
Und da ich erst im September wirklich groß verreise, habe ich bis dahin noch genug Zeit, diese schönen Ecken zu erkunden und wertzuschätzen.


Heute stelle ich Euch die Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke in Rheinland-Pfalz vor.
Die Brücke ist 360m lang und damit die längste in Deutschland! Die maximale Höhe der Brücke liegt bei ganzen 100m, da kann einem schonmal schwindelig werden.
Generell bietet die Brücke ein sehr schönes Foto Motiv und man fühlt sich etwas an so manche Orte in Neuseeland erinnert.

Geierlay BrückeGeierlay Brücke-2Geierlay Brücke-5Geierlay Brücke-4

Vom Besucherzentrum aus wandert man ca. 1,8km bis zur Brücke. Leider waren wir sehr im Zeitstress, da wir uns verfahren haben. Deshalb war es zwar ein kurzes Vergnügen, jedoch absolut lohnenswert!

Geierlay Brücke-7Geierlay Brücke-9

I always want to travel, to explore other countries, meeting new people and take photos of amazing places. But instead of always wanting to go away, I should more appreciate our local sights, since Germany has some really beautiful locations!
As my journey starts in September, I still have enough time to explore our local sights.

Today I will be sharing with you my photographs of the Geierlay rope suspension bridge in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is about 1180feet long, consequently, it is Germany’s longest rope suspension bridge! The maximum hight above the floor is 300feet, which made me fell a little giddy. 
After a one mile long hike, we arrived at the amazing bridge and trust me, the view is stunning! It reminded me of some amazing places in New Zealand (which I’ll hopefully be visiting next year)!


Enjoy the little things,