Exploring Whitehaven Beach

Are you ready for the beach with the world’s „whitest“ sand? Then you should probably read on.

Whitehaven Beach is a beach on one of the famous Whitsunday islands near Airlie Beach, Australia. And it actually is the whitest beach in the world. In order to get there, you have to go on a speedboat or sailing trip and explore the beautiful Whitsunday’s.


During our time in Australia, we always took a premier bus tontet around (cheaper than the greyhound) and stopped at Airlie Beach. This small city reminded me of St. Tropez because of all the yachts in the harbour and the villas and mansions in the hills.


We stayed in the Nomad’s hostel, which was really satisfying, since the bungalows were spacious, clean and the kitchen was not as bad as expected. They also have a campground, a bar, a lounge with WiFi access and a pool. The atmosphere in Airlie Beach is really nice, you can sit in the park at the water, or chill in the saltwater lagoon.


However, the main reason why you should go to Airlie is the boat tours. You can go sailing for two nights or do a day trip like we did. And to be honest, the day trip was really worth it! Additionally, the sailing tours will cost you about 450$ while the day trip is around a hundred dollars only, as far as I can remember.


The speedboat tour is really funny and of course, fast. I felt like being on a roller coaster, but on a good one. They are driving you around the Whitsundays and you will stop at Whitehaven Beach and even go for a walk in the forests. We also went snorkelling and they showed us a really nice spot where we swam with a sea turtle and another one where people have been feeding the fish for decades so people are swimming between fishes that are up to around 80cm long. It was amazing! If you are travelling on a budget and if you like adrenaline and adventures, you will love this boat tour!


I hope you enjoyed reading this, I wish you a great week!

Xx, Sophie

Autor: Sophie B.

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6 Kommentare zu „Exploring Whitehaven Beach“

  1. Die area rund um den Whitehaven beach ist einfach ein Traum und ich freue mich schon riesig darauf dieses klare türkiese Wasser und die weißen Sandstrände mit eigenen Augen zu sehen *-*
    Kannst du den Premier Bus empfehlen? Ich bin nämlich noch am überlegen, was wohl besser ist 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Ja darauf kannst du dich sicher freuen- und wenn du die Segel Tour machst, umso besser 😊

      Also wir haben den Premier genommen weil der prinzipiell billiger ist als der Greyhound. Im Greyhound hast du halt wifi aber uns war das nicht so wichtig und wir waren vollkommen zufrieden mit dem Premier 😊

      Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Das scheint das Paradies zu sein! Jedenfalls stelle ich mir das Paradies so vor! Ist Frazer Island wirklich perfekt?
    Ich werde es leider nie betreten dürfen, weil ich es nicht verhindern kann, Liedchen zu pfeifen…
    Also ist es das Paradies: unerreichbar!

    Gefällt 1 Person

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