Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear readers,

I hope you had a great Christmas and an amazing New Years! I am really sorry I haven’t posted anything since we’ve left our hostel in Cairns three weeks ago. The wifi in Australian hostels is really bad and most of the times you have to pay a lot for it. This is why I am writing this post on my phone now and it won’t be like my usual travel posts. Anyway, I really hope that I’ll be able to post again very soon, I have so many pictures and stories to share with you!

Australia is cool by the way, even though it is quite expensive and our schedule is really tough at the moment. We’re travelling the East Coast for six weeks and are currently waiting for our car, since we’re about to go on a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney.

We spent Christmas in Rainbow Beach, which is a very small town in the north of Brisbane. Rainbow Beach is famous for its Fraser Island Tours, which I can highly recommend! (No worries, I’m gonna tell ya all about it when I’m home – Fraser was lit!)

Well, Christmas didn’t feel at all like Christmas. No tree (we bought one in Darwin but didn’t bring to our East Coast trip), no snow, thirty degrees Celsius, sunshine and a beach. However, it was quite cool and we made the most out of it. We had our favourite Swiss chocolate, watched a bad Christmas movie and built a „Sandman“ at the beach.

Today’s the first of January and we watched the firework in Brisbane last night. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to Sydney, but it was cool though.

I’m gonna try to upload some posts this month, wish me luck 😄


I wish you all the best for 2018 and may all your dreams come true. Never stop trying, stay ambitious and be grateful. Above all, I hope you all keep well and fit because health is the most important asset in our lives.

Much love! Xx, Sophie

Autor: Sophie B.

Mädchen mit permanentem Fernweh, die Kamera immer dabei! Ich lebe um die Welt zu erkunden!

4 Kommentare zu „Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!“

  1. Endlich: wurde aber auch Zeit für den neuen Post!!!! Den Schneemann am Strand hätte ich auch gern live erlebt!
    Wünsche mir mehr Fotos von Australien….

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