Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hello World,

this is gonna be a quick Kuala Lumpur Update, since I have to admit that I do not really have a real „KL-Travel-Guide“ for you. To be honest, I am often too lazy to bring my Reflex Camera, consequently my KL pictures are not the best.

Anyway, I booked a „Nice Bus“ for 44RM to KL on Easybook, the company is seriously called „Nice Busses“. However, these busses are really cool, since you have a huge seat with a tablet where you can watch movies and TV shows. I really enjoyed the ride.
Additionally, I can highly recommend taking busses, as you will be able to see some nice forests and plantations.

I arrived at 4:00pm and took a Grab to my hostel Reggae Mansion. The hostel is really nice, is has a rooftop bar, a good restaurant, a cinema, nice bedrooms and you can do your laundry in 3 hours for only 15RM.
After I had checked in, I walked around KL and later went to the restaurant, where I met four very nice girls from the UK.
Later in the evening I went up to the rooftop bar and met Roger, a guy from Holland and we planned to explore KL together.


I woke up quite early the next morning because one of the staff members came into the room and started to sing. I was slightly confused and thought it was my roommate.
I slept in a 16 bed room and shard the room with only one girl the first night, her name is Charlotte.
We met Roger for breakfast and went to a local food court where we had Nasi Goreng for only 5RM. I love the food courts in Malaysia, they offer amazing and fresh dishes!
Later we decided to walk to the Petronas Towers, which takes approximately 30-40minutes from Reggae Mansion.
There is a huge mall inside the towers which is called Suria KLCC. I had to buy two shirts and a pair of shorts there, since the laundry turned my white T-Shirts yellow/brown.


Around the Petronas Towers you will find a nice park surrounded by many business buildings. There is even a swimming pool near the towers, but only children are allowed to use it.


The next day Charlotte and I went to the Batu Caves together, I will write a separate post about it, since I finally brought my camera!!


Furthermore, we had to buy sneakers and explored China Town while looking for a nice pair of shoes. It is really impressive how many different markets, people and cultures they have in Kuala Lumpur.


In the evening we went up to the rooftop bar again, where we met other nice people from all over the world. Our little group of six people decided to go to the main road for food in Malaysia and I can just encourage you to do this!


There are so many different stands and restaurants where you can get every type of asian food and also western food. I ordered Nasi Goreng and it was delicious! Unfortunately there are many Salesman who want you to buy little accessories while you are having dinner, which really got on my nerves after a whie.


I only spent two days in KL and then took a bus to the airport because I promised my friend Lina to pick her up from the airport. So far so good, we booked an accommodation near the airport which was also really good. Although taking the flight to Bali was a little complicated, we finally made it!!

Stay tuned

Autor: Sophie B.

Mädchen mit permanentem Fernweh, die Kamera immer dabei! Ich lebe um die Welt zu erkunden!

14 Kommentare zu „Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia“

  1. Haha, das passt ja mal wieder perfekt, dass du von Kuala Lumpur berichtest während ich dabei bin meine Flüge für nächstes Jahr zu buchen und überlege den Rückflug von KL zu nehmen, um mir vorher die Stadt auch noch ansehen zu können 🙂 Und es sieht so aus als würde es sich wirklich lohnen dort für ein paar Tage zu bleiben! Wie viele Tage würdest du empfehlen?
    Das mit den weißen T-Shirts kann ich mir übriegens sehr gut vorstellen und habe auch schon oft gelesen, dass man als Backpacker am besten gar keine weißen/hellen Klamotten mitnehmen soll, denn bei denen sieht man sofort wenn sie nur leicht dreckig sind, man kann sie nicht mit den dunklen zusammen waschen oder wenn man es tut, werden sie dunkel 😀 Also werde ich das wohl auch nicht machen, wenn du auch diese Erfahrung gemacht hast!
    Wäre übrigens für mich mal interessant zu sehen, was ihr dort so esst 😀 Sowas finde ich immer cool!

    Liebe Grüße ❤

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Ja mach das auf jeden Fall, KL ist cool :)! Jedoch reichen da zwei bis drei Tage total aus! Die Stadt hat schöne ecken, aber man kann vieles in wenigen Tagen sehen, auch da die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel leicht zu nutzen sind :)!
      Oh und mein weißes Shirt ist mittlerweile gelb beige 😂
      Gute Idee, das werde ich demnächst mal dokumentieren 😊
      Liebe Grüße und viel Spaß bei den Vorbereitungen 😊❤

      Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Hey, neue Bilder und Beiträge!
    Wahnsinn – diese vielen Leute an der endlosen Restaurantzeile!!!
    Sieht so aus, als gäbe es alles, was das Herz begehrt…
    Hast Du denn auch schon Unbekanntes probiert?

    Gefällt 1 Person

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